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The <<company name>> Vision

<<company name>> was founded in <year> by a team of IT professionals qualified in various aspects of <software, hardware, networking>. With both industry and teaching experience, <<company name>> offers students the best of both worlds. We are committed to providing hands-on training to students, so that our students become sought-after IT professionals. We pride ourselves in out wide range of the latest information in the field of <software, hardware, networking>. We have the necessary equipment and resources - both in terms of faculty and syllabus - to train students in the latest technologies.

Our partners are big names IT companies such as <Microsoft, Cisco, SAP> and we offer certification courses from them.

We believe that each student deserves individual attention from the faculty and make sure that we deliver in this area as well. We offer students access to our vast resources of software, hardware, and networking manuals. We have tie-ups with local enterprises that help our students get a feel of the work place. This is invaluable to both students looking to join the workforce for the first time and those that took time off from work.

We look upon our students as testimonials to our dedication in the instruction field. Apart from courses for people new to IT, we also offer refresher courses of those who want to brush up their skills in particular areas. We believe in catering to all the needs of students looking to make a mark in the IT field.

About Us>> Our Team
<<company name>> was started by <name1> and <name2> in <year>. The courseware has been developed to meet the requirements of industry as well as the certification programs offered by Microsoft, Cisco, and SAP. We are authorized by these companies to offer these courses. Apart from the founders, the faculty too is dedicated to helping students achieve their best. Every member of our organization is committed to making the learning experience pleasurable, interesting, easy, and profitable for the student.

About Us>> Our Partners
We offer courses that are designed to help you clear Microsoft Certification examinations. Each course is designed to help you master the desired subject in the minimum possible hours. After qualifying as a Microsoft product specialist, you will be welcomed with open arms in many organizations requiring your services. Microsoft certification courses offered include <name a few>. As a premier company in many IT fields, Microsoft products are used in almost all work places. By qualifying yourself in a few of the areas Microsoft specializes in, you increase your employability quotient many times over.

Cisco is into a wide range of products and services including networking, security, conferencing, and storage. They offer a wide range of certifications from entry level to senior level. As a student and IT professional, you can work toward increasing your skill sets to work with Cisco products. Cisco products are used globally and you are sure to find appropriate employment as soon as you finish the course requirements. As Cisco expands its product and service range as well as its customer base, employment opportunities in this area are bound to increase. A Cisco-certified professional can command good wages or consulting fees from most companies that use IT to enhance their productivity and competitiveness.

SAP is a global leader in enterprise software solutions and caters to most industries. There is bound to be continuing and increasing need for SAP specialists in almost all industries. Whether you already have some industry knowledge or are new to the work force, in-depth knowledge of SAP applications will enhance your visibility in today's competitive work environment. As more businesses learn to appreciate the need to put in place systems offered by SAP, you will be one among the chosen few that are sought after. It is an established fact that many organizations are moving to a SAP platform to improve their efficiencies.

About Us>>> Faculty
<name1> has over <years> years industrial experience and <years> years experience as an instructor. He/She has a <Master's Degree> in <Information Technology/ Computer Applications> from <name of University or college>. He/She is a committed teacher and devotes a considerable portion of his/her time to keeping himself/herself updated on the latest developments in the areas of his/her expertise. He/She is an accredited <Microsoft/Cisco/SAP> professional. His/Her industrial experience ensures that what you learn at <<company name>> is not restricted to book knowledge alone. An easy-to-approach person, he/she is dedicated to teaching students all that he/she knows. Learn tricks to solve real-life problems from him/her. <name1> is also available online for feedback and to clear doubts.

Under his/her able guidance, the faculty at <<company name>> has matured into seasoned instructors. He/She has ensured that all faculty members are competent to teach the subjects they handle. His/her inputs in shaping the curriculum has ensured that after going through the course material, you will be able to face up to real-life industry challenges. He/She has a flair for teaching and interacting with students. He/She will help you master your preferred course in no time. When working on projects with him/her, you will find his/her industry experience to be invaluable.

As the head of the faculty, <Name 1> takes full responsibility for the instructors' teaching methodology. <Company Name's> proven methods of teaching will help you master more than the basics of the course of your choice in no time.

Faculty 1
<name 2> has a <degree> in <computer science> from <university>. He/She also has <years> teaching experience behind <him/her>. A dedicated professional, who is never late for his/her classes, one can turn to him/her for all queries in his/her field. With in-depth knowledge at his/her finger tips, he/she will guide you by answering all your queries regarding the subject matter. He/she is available each day of the course period. As a professional with <Microsoft/Cisco/SAP> accreditation, he/she is well-qualified to instruct you.

Faculty 2
Besides a <degree> in <information technology> from <university>, <Name 3> is also an accredited <Microsoft/Cisco/SAP> professional. He/She started his/her career in the <automobile industry> as an IT professional, and brings industry work experience to his/her core competence. He/She has trained rigorously and meticulously in our teaching methodology and can offer the student both an industry perspective and an academic perspective of the products being taught. He/She can also offer the student many tips to clear the accreditation tests easily.